HueNation: Less Is The New More

11 March 2018 / By Huenation

[HueNation]--There have been many changes in branding/marketing trends over the years but the most obvious is the art of doing more with less. Simply put, branding your idea or business in today's world requires less of almost everything you would need in let's say, the 80s - less words (especially that), fewer colours, fewer photos and fewer of whatever you may think of. If you wish to attract more clients/audience to your brand, you need to start learning the art of doing more with less.

Since your brand's name is the first obvious identity of your brand, it should be simple. Let's assume your business sells affordable bags and you wish to make this reflect in your brand's name, would you choose "The Best Bags in Nigeria" or "TBBIN" (pronounced as teebin)?

Your logo should be simple but at the same time, portray what your brand stands for. Take a quick look at logos of big names like Facebook, Google, HP and Netflix, they are all simple. These brands did more with less! Your logo should not contain too many colours except of course, you run a paint production company which well, is not even a very valid reason. Take the logo of HueNation Media for instance, four coloured pencils are the unique trade mark of our company. The CMYK pencils indicate that for every brand you wish to create, manage or promote, we have the right tools and expertise to make your dream come true.

Every copy in the writing form also should not contain too many words. Your adverts, blogs articles and even social media posts should be as minimal as possible but comprehensive too. If your audience reads your copies like examination materials, you may not achieve the aim of writing the copy in the first place. Obviously, you do not need all the details about your brand in just one copy so, save the most important details for published copies. When HueNation Media started unveiling our brand, one of the methods we used was to create ads with phrases and sentences that are simple, yet they arouse curiosity from our audience and one of them is the title of this article.

Your brand's domain name is another identity you should keep simple. A domain name like is obviously too long, clumsy, hard to remember and not even catchy. Your domain name should be so simple that people can easily search for your website online.

Finally, you need to master the art of using fewer resources to achieve more results. You remember the popular maxim, "to whom much is given, more is expected?" of course you do. I am sorry if this hurts but it doesn’t apply in today's world of branding.  You must expand your clientele with the little resources you have and establish a formidable online presence that can in turn create wealth for you. Achieving this is easy trust me. A well designed website, appropriate contents that can generate SEO, constant and appropriate communication with your clients and well managed social media presence can do the magic! You should also not forget to use your financial resources wisely in a way that will generate more income.

Without doubt, less is the new more, with less, you can take your brand to the right client/audience. We at HueNation Media wish you luck as you take your brand to the world with less.

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