How To Infuse Content Into Influencer Marketing

27 July 2018 / By Huenation

Ore Afolayan,
Influencer Marketer, Digital Journalist and Career Coach.

What is Content? What is Influencer Marketing? I understand that we know what these concepts mean. Let me quickly type a thing or two on these concepts.

Content is a summation of the ideas, information and experience we share online. Content represents anything we post online that includes products of our imaginations, brains and experiences. Content comes in the forms of text, visual, audio and video.

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on teaming up with individuals who have measurable influence in a particular sector or niche.

In trying to influence their followers or fans to patronize a brand or product, most African Social Media Influencers use quotes(most times irrelevant), funny captions (all the times, irrelevant) and other unnecessary CON-tent to con or sway people.

Many times, they get the attention of their Followers on their posts, and many times, they do not get the attention of their Followers on the post they were paid for. When their Marketing campaign fails to transforms to sales for the clients, the Influencers get dropped or if they are lucky, they get retained since some brands/companies just jump into Social Media Campaigns since their competitors are doing same.

Remember the recent #TwitterPurge where the Followers Count of many Social Media Influencers that illegally acquired BOTs followers were decimated. This singular incident has made brands to realize that it is more than the Followers Count and Reach. The most important question brands now ask is "What is the ROI of your proposed Social Media Campaign?"

If brands have changed the questions from "What is your Followers Count, Reach and Analytics" to "What is in it for Me?", isn't it high time we relax on the aggressive "Twitter Churn' and the "Instagram Follow Massing" and focus on the following;

1. Niche: Many times, Influencers get jobs because of Followers. Brands look at the Followers and boom, they get in touch. However, lately, the narrative has been changing. After the Twitter Purge, Unilever parted ways with its brand influencers in Kenya. It is no longer Business-as-usual for the many popular influencers. Influence now rests on the shoulders of individuals with authority in their respective niches. Note that you can be influential in several niches; the main thing is balance and real influence.

2. Storytelling: Relatable stories and narratives trigger a sense of community. What has happened to us in time past tends to influence if we would buy or not. By capitalizing on this, you can paint a pictorial representation of the brand you are trying to promote. Pitching comic stories of how Huggies Diapers saved us from our Crush seeing our faeces at age 2.

3. Target Market Research: Questions, they say, breeds knowledge. Not answers. Daily, people ask questions all over the globe. "Why should I use an Apple product?" "Why should I drink Pepsi instead of Coke?" When you have answers to these questions, you will be able to create Content when opportunities present themselves.

4. Emotional Appeal and Attention Grab: Always remember that Social Media is more of Psychology and Sociology than Technology. Appeal to the emotions of your Followers. Use appealing and attractive statements to grab their attention, then Pitch. You can use relevant statistics, data(50% African youths are unemployed. Then pitch your Career Hub services).

5. Call-To-Action (CTA): From the name itself, this strategy spurs people to action. If after all the Content you've created, you've influenced the potential buyer, there is no CTA, the individual may be confused on what to do next. Hence, there is a need to tell the buyer to; "Contact Us", "Register Now", "Download Now", "Sign up for Premium" etc.

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