15 November 2018 / By Huenation

We live in a world full of noise, everyone is trying to sell and despite the fact that there are millions of people who are willing to buy, just a few brands actually sell their products and services. If you struggle with making your audience loyal, these three inbound marketing steps will help.

Attract is simply understanding the problems your prospective clients have or are likely to have and positioning your brand in solving these problems. You can attract people to your brand through Ads, Videos and most common in Nigeria, your Social Media platforms. At the attract stage, your content should be informative, entertaining and must suit the needs of your prospects.

If you operate an Amala restaurant in Lagos for instance, you have a website and some social media pages but you are still looking for ways to attract people to your restaurant, your blog posts and social media contents can focus on the health benefits of Amala, your delivery speed and possibly, discounts.

Your customer service culture also matters, maintain a respectful tone when talking to your clients, apologise when they complain about your services and make them feel valued.


When a prospect is drawn to your brand, the next step is to engage them, in the manner and channel they prefer. For instance, if a prospect decides to communicate with you via DM on Instagram, stick to this channel and maximise it. If they choose mail also, don't opt for WhatsApp messages. If they comment on your blog post or social media contents, appreciate them by either liking these comments or responding.

Ask for feedback and make sure those feedbacks are not just collected for data collection purpose alone, analyse these data and make changes where appropriate. For instance, at HueNation Media, we take time out to ask our customers for feedback on our services and how we can serve them better. This does not only help us solve existing clients' problems, but it also gives us an insight into what prospect's problems may look like and how we can solve them.

Provide value beyond the expectations of your clients. Go beyond just receiving their money, help them solve their actual problems. At this stage, you deliver the promises you have made to your prospects without leaving any promise out. Sincerely, many prospects will frustrate you but you should not at any time, make the mistake of giving them reasons to distrust your brand through bad service.

Ask questions even at the delight stage. Still using our Amala Restaurant example, ask your customers what they think about your Amala and ask them to give you a mention on social media. Sincerely, no marketing strategy works better than a genuine positive review by a happy customer.

Remember, you have to create value before you can be trusted and ultimately be loyal to.

We hope these steps help, if you have any question on how to retain the loyalty of your customers, kindly reach out to us today on +2348029221426 or +234 706 128 2516 and don't forget to share this article.

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