23 April 2019 / By Huenation

This week on HueNation Brands, we met with Fatai Balikis, the CEO of @shebas_hair . She shared her experience as an entrepreneur, her challenges and how HueNation Media has been a wonderful part of her success story.

Kindly introduce us to your brand My name is Fatai Bilikis, I am the CEO of Sheba’s Hair. I sell affordable weaves and wigs. I also train people on wig making.

What motivated you to begin this brand? I started when braid wig was in vogue and I wanted one for myself. At that time, the cheapest was 25k. I thought of making one for myself since I couldn’t afford the already made ones. So, I stepped out to get the materials one day and I saw a lady making it. I just asked a few questions from her, while trying not to sound interested at the same time. I went back home that day and started making braid wigs for myself and for sale.

What is special about your brand? Why should people choose you over your competitors? My brand is known for being honest. We tell you the way it is. We don’t sell lies. If a product is synthetic, we will tell you. If it is not a good hair grade, we will let you know so that you don't feel betrayed or have reasons to distrust us. We also believe that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

You obviously have faced problems in the course of running your business. Do you mind sharing? I sold a 6k weave to someone some time ago, she told me it was fake. Meanwhile, she was still owing 3k. She insulted me, made me call her to apologize. I went to her office to beg her and wigged for her for free, so she’d see it’s not fake, it was not just installed properly. Long story cut short, she ran away with my money and still wears the wig till date.

How did you overcome them? A lot of times when someone is trying to avoid paying me, I don’t fight or embarrass them. I make them believe I understand why they haven’t paid. Then try to sweet talk them into paying but I also pray to God about it. But trust me, if your hustle is real or legit, no amount of debt would crash your business. However, you also have to be smart.

HueNation Media has been part of your brand’s journey. How has been the ride so far? How helpful have we been? What's that extra value you derive from working us? Oh! I love that brand. If you have ever worked with HueNation Media you will understand that their Customers' happiness is their priority. I have sought professional advice from them a couple of times for free and I got positive results.

On a scale of 0-10, kindly rate our services. 8/10

Any parting words to other entrepreneurs and changemakers out there? Be humble. You may be making money already, people may look up to you which I totally understand but pride is so ugly that you get pissed when you see it in others. Keep investing. Save as much as you can and spend wisely. Insha Allah, we won’t labour in vain.


HueNation is obviously making magic happen to businesses, don’t be left out, let’s be part of your success story too. Contact us today.

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