01 January 2021 / By Huenation

2020 feels like 2 years if we will be honest, a lot of events happened in the year that makes January 2020 feel like ages ago. Many are still scared of going out or congregating in crowded locations no thanks to Covid-19. A lot of economies shut down and are trying so hard to recover from the aftermath of the lockdown. While the world slowly recovered from the effects of the virus, many protests shook the socio-political status of many countries. 

Amidst all the chaos and wins 2020 gave us, HueNation had what we would call an amazing year. While we worked on projects that helped shape our clients' businesses, we increased revenue and had the opportunity of improving our team's skills. Here are some of the works we did in 2020.

Lagos State COVID-19 Food Response Online Visibility Management

COVID-19 took the whole world almost by surprise and governments have no choice but to help out those in need in their states. The Lagos State government, in a bid to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on its citizens, had to give out palliatives. The problem however was that many people who needed these palliatives were either not aware of their existence or did not know how to get the palliatives. 

We utilised Social Media to drive discussions about the palliatives and how they can be assessed. People in need were also quickly connected with representatives in their LCDAs through on time response to DMs.

The end result of our campaign was an almost 100% increase in awareness of food relief centres and how they could be reached.

Class Culture Brand Identity Design Project

Our work with Class Culture, a lifestyle brand that sells Lingeries and Skincare products covers Brand Naming, Logo Design and Brand Collateral Designs.

The client wanted a brand people of any body size can relate with so we opted for an identity that employs an uneven combination of Aphrodite flowers to depict diversity. 

Our partnership with the brand works as the brand has recorded ROI beyond its target for first year operations.

Bella Chow Logo Design

Bella Chow came to the food delivery scene at a very strategic period. It was in the middle of the pandemic and many people couldn’t eat out. The brand saw an opportunity in this problem especially in Ìbàdàn and took it. 

We designed a logo that employs minimalism without discarding the core values of the brand. Our work with Bella Chow is a success as the brands still make sales till this moment. 

Abiola Soremekun Book Launch Online Campaign

2020 was the year many unlocked abilities they held back before the pandemic and Abiola Soremekun was not left behind. She started writing a book on marriage during the lockdown and we had the honour of promoting the book’s virtual launch as well as promoting the book on Social Media.

Atelewo Prize for Yoruba Literature Poster Designs

Understanding the importance of Identity in Design, we opted for an identity for the Atelewo event. Our direction of using a unified design system for the designs worked as the group received more entries this year than it did in previous years.

DD Blings Brand Management & Consultation

DD Blings is a Jewelry Store that is winning the online Jewelry space at its own pace. Our work with DD Blings has helped the brand attract and retain customers and also increase its revenues.

Other brands we worked with

We also worked with many other businesses and organisations on different projects to positively project their brands and better communicate their unique offerings to their respective target markets. 

Our CSR Activities in 2020

  • - During the pandemic, we collaborated with Àtẹ́lẹwọ́ to educate citizens of Ìbàdàn on Corona Virus, how it is contacted and how they can be safe. Our responsibility was designing information materials that were distributed during the awareness campaign. A report of the campaign can be found here.
  • - We also organised a free online Branding Masterclass for SMEs during the COVID-19 lockdown that empowered over 20 businesses with branding strategies to keep their businesses alive during the pandemic.

We are willing to do even more in 2021.

Being a brand that enjoys working with SMEs, we look forward to collaborating with your brand to give it the best experiences in 2021. We look forward to expanding our clientele in 2021 so we can get more hands on deck thereby contributing our quota to eradicating unemployment in Nigeria. 

We are also open to collaborations that revolve the services we provide. 

Our services include but not limited to Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing and Brand Consultancy. 

Enjoy the new year. 

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